On Monday 12 December 2005 07:59, Tres Seaver wrote:
> If WSGI lives up to its promise, then the WSGI-compliant Z2-Z3 hybrid
> would be publishable as a "WSGI application" from any WSGI server,
> including perhaps mod_python-based servers.

Right, I think there have been success stories with mod-python and Zope 3's 
WSGI implementation already.

> Ob. note:  the performance characteristics of such servers (including
> twisted) are not well understood in the context of Zope, until some
> brave soul actually rolls out a high-volume production site and reports
> success or failure.

Itamar and I did some early and non-scientific performance testing and it 
turned out that twisted is just a tiny bit slower than zserver, almost not 
enough to detect it in comparison to the time the publisher takes.

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