1. Why not a site?
2. Tentative, shaky suggestion on maintenance of website
Sorry for this post from someone not contributing at all. My only contribution 
to zope ( apart from making a hundred or so people aware of it and a couple of 
dozens attempt to adopt it on a few projcts) has been regular visits to at least once a week from 1999, and almost daily since 2004.
This discussion, coupled with the discussion on separating the zope3 
repository, is extremely motivating and also very educating to technologically 
challenged people like me.
Since both zope2 and zope3 are "live" projects in their own right, and at this 
point both have something to offer individually to the development community 
and more importantly to each other, and since (probably, hopefully) ZOPE as a 
brand is more important for both, why not have a site in addition to and The main site could address a common vision 
and focus on commonalities and common concerns, while the individual sites 
could focus on issues specific to them. I have just now discovered that as a domain name is available and have requested it to be booked. How 
do I transfer it to the zope community, if it gets booked at all?
2. Maintenance: Is this a way?
As far as maintenance is concerned, I could suggest to a few developers -maybe 
not very experienced- ( from Mumbai, India) that they help part time. In that 
case, could they get guidance from the community seniors through email? I would 
also appreciate if someone can guide me on the hardware, software and 
connectivity infrastructure needed for this. Hopefully, over a period, 
capability will get built locally. 
I would also like to explore the possibility of persuading Science/ Engineering 
students to develop in/ for zope as part of their academic project work. Any 
I take this opportunity to thank all those involved in Zope.
Milind Khadilkar
G2, Radha Bhuvan, Hanuman Cross Road No. 1, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057.

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