On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 07:14:08PM -0500, Jim Fulton wrote:
| >Here's what is in the docstring for HTTPRequest:
| >
| >      - Lazy Data
| >
| >        These are callables which are deferred until explicitly
| >        referenced, at which point they are resolved and stored as
| >        application data.
| >
| >Haven't found much else documentation.
| Are these basically lazy computed request keys/attributes then?


| >There's a 'set_lazy' method in HTTPRequest, and that's what the
| >session machinery uses to bind 'getSessionData' as 'SESSION'. This
| >specific case sucks though, because as 'SESSION' appears when doing
| >request.keys() is pretty common to create sessions implicitly by
| >iterating through the request.
| Yeah, explicit is better than implicit.
| I don't want to add this to Z3, but it should be included in the
| new combined z2/z3 request.  We really need to take a look at the
| combined API and decide what we want in the long run.

So we are shooting for a z2 request implemented in terms of a z3
request. Sounds like an adapter to me :)

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