Today I finally got around to installing Zope 3.2b1 and started
testing one of our sites against it. I'm running into a few problems,
some of which are my fault, some that I don't quite understand, and
one that is really bad.

We have been basically rolling a custom CMS in Zope 3, and the content
management skin that we made has been working wonderfully in Zope 3.1.

One of the key parts of our CMS's user interface is a custom contents
view that uses MochiKit for javascript/DOM based table sorting (easy
sorting on item name, title, and size), and uses MochiKit's AJAX
support for inline renaming/retitling of items in the container.
That's registered as 'contents.html' for our own base contentcontainer
interface. We've also made a custom metadata view that allows editing
of keywords (subjects).

In Zope 3.1.0 both of those worked fine.

In Zope 3.2b1, I'm getting the Rotterdam or default contents view,
wrapped up in our template. The same goes for the custom '@@+' view
I've made for the same objects, which is used to filter certain Zope
entries out of the add menu. For our container objects, I'm also
getting the Zope meta-data view, but on some of our custom content
objects I get our replacement view.

I use our own menu, 'cms_views', for tabs, and have contents and
EditMetaData registered as actions.

If I rename my 'contents.html' view to 'contentsplus.html', I can see it fine.

Here's my skin setup:

from zope.publisher.interfaces.browser import IBrowserRequest
from zope.publisher.interfaces.browser import IDefaultBrowserLayer
from import rotterdam

class CMS(IBrowserRequest):
    """The `cms` layer."""

class ContentManagement(CMS, rotterdam, IDefaultBrowserLayer):
    """ The Skin """

  <layer name="example.cms"
  <skin name="example.cms.ContentManagement"

and the contents.html view starts with:
  <view name="contents.html" for="example.cms.interfaces.IContentContainer"

I'm referring to the layer with its interface path in ZCML, always.

If I moved 'rotterdam' out of the base interfaces for the
ContentManagement skin and set it as the base for the CMS layer
object, the same behavior still shows up.

This setup works as I expected it to in Zope 3.1, but breaks in Zope 3.2.

FWIW, I opened up a debugzope session in both Zope 3.1 and 3.2 in this
same configuration just to check the list of providedBy(obj) for the
same folder in each site, to see if the interface resolution order
might have changed, but the lists appear to be identical.

Bug? Or did I do something wrong in my Zope 3.1 implementation that
Zope 3.2b1 has "fixed"?
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