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Jeff Shell wrote:

Is it related to this? "Bug in Multi Adapter Lookup"?
('fixed' in Zope 3.2b1)

That's my suspicion.

That would be my suspicion too.  It should be easy to test.
Just get a check out and merge out that change:

  svn merge -r40385:40384 svn+ssh://

and see if you still have the problem.  If you don't, then you still have some
digging to do.  If you do, then .... well, lets get into that if you
verify that that is the problem.

This was an honest-to-gosh bug.  It is also the case that there were
registrations in Zope that depended on this bug and had to be changed.

Going through a lot of debugging, ....

Did you do the experiment I suggested? (above)


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