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Spelunking a bit in the code, zope.app.rdb.ZopeDatabaseAdapter.isConnected() looks at whether _v_connection is present, not whether the connection is actually alive. If we fix this here, isConnected() perhaps should handle the case where the connection might be reaped by the back end db.

Frankly anything that uses _v_ attributes is asking for trouble because it relies on low level behaviour of the ZODB and persistence mechanisms. They can disappear at unpredictable times. Avoid them.

Hi, Florent

In this case, it is not particulary a problem if the _v_ attribute is not there. It gets recreated if it does not exist. It is designed this way so that different zope threads get separate rdb connections, which is good. The problem here is false positives, where the _v_ attribute exists, but the connection it promises has been silently expired and disconnected by the MySQL server.

I was thinking of a check in isConnected() by making a cursor then "try"ing executing "select 1" and return True if it does not raise the exception. But that would be bad because it ~doubles the number of requests to the SQL server. Perhaps not smart.

Now, looking closer at the code, a ping like this might be not too bad, because isConnected() is only called when a connection is requested, not for every SQL statement executed. So, it might not be so onerous as originally thought. Still not ideal, though.

-Jim Washington
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