Christian Theune wrote:

Am Dienstag, den 13.12.2005, 16:32 -0500 schrieb Jim Washington:
Christian Theune wrote:

Well. First, the error would be something like an OperationalError (or
similar). Hmm. Not too distinguishable. Ideally we could:

- differentiate this kind of error from other OperationalErrors (like a
syntax error in your query)

The error in the traceback is

_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away')

- delete the _v_connection
- restart the transaction

Otherwise you might start over within a transaction that is out ouf sync
with the state of the mysql database.

Good point. Though, this particular error is about idleness, so I would think it unlikely that one would be resuming an 8-hour-old transaction. Could that happen?

Sure. If I'd force it. But we can eventually ignore that with some good
faith for a moment.

That's a valid point. Additionally, IIRC this is a client message, not a
server message. The server closes the connection much earlier but the
client doesn't notice, as the client libraries are very very lazy.

That means you could just purge the connection and create a new one.

Still, we're not 100% sure that nothing was written to the connection
that is now silently assumed of having been saved whereas it isn't.

Yup.  Let's not kill it unless really necessary.

What seems to work for me for mysqldbda.adapter.MySQLdbAdapter.isConnected() looks like

   def isConnected(self):
       """exercise the connection to assure it is really there"""
           self._v_connection.conn.cursor().execute('SELECT 1')
           return False
       return True

It's a bare except, but the method returns False in any case where _v_connection is not listening as an SQL connection, which is exactly what we want to check. Asking for conn.cursor() instead of _v_connection.cursor() gets around transactionality that should not be invoked here.

I'll declare success for now, and move on. It's hopefully a temporary work-around.

-Jim Washington

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