Christian Theune wrote:
giving recommendations about security, we advice everyone to put their
communication on protected lines. E.g. use HTTPS.

As we are targetting Zope 3.3, I think twisted can be the recommended
configuration option for Zope to run with.


How do you feel about the use of the HTTPS server of twisted instead of
requiring the user to channel it through an external HTTPS server, e.g.

I wonder how Apache front-ends would work with a HTTPS backend; would that give rise to new issues in configuring Apache and Zope together? There's little experience in this domain, I expect.

We'll have to see how things settle, but configuring Apache is familiar to many people and is knowledge that applies far and wide outside Zope, so I expect Apache frontends, also for HTTPS, will continue to be very important in Zope deployments in the forseeable future.

Possibly off on a tangent:

Twisted gets us out of the server business, but I don't want us to get into a situation where we're saying: "Don't use this well-known Apache stuff that half the web is using! Use Twisted, something you never heard of before! Trust us, it's better!". Since we're not in the server business, we don't want to have to convince people that our server is better or whatever, or even make it very visible that it exists (ZServer isn't very visible to the outside as something Zope does, and I like it just fine that way). We use Twisted as it does the job, not because we're advocates that want to convince people to use it.

So, I think Apache has its place in front of Twisted, just like Apache now has its place in front of ZServer.


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