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Going through a lot of debugging, it looks as through it has to do
with how things are ranked in
zope.interface.adapter.AdapterLookup.lookup() for multi-adapters.


I don't know enough about the relationshipd between your content
interfaces, to comment directly, but I will note that the intent
was that content interface would have precedence over skin.  This
was not the case before due to a bug in  multi-adapter lookup.

I'm sure that's the issue here. The software worked "fine" in 3.1, or
basically worked in a way that I assumed was fine.

The situations where this is affecting us is in some of our oldest
major Zope 3 code, and it's code we've had issues with before. Those
issues, and this one, are likely due to it being early code and us
(namely me) still learning a lot of core concepts and maybe not
applying them so well.

So I have a new question: with the different ways that 'implements'
and 'provides' may be applied to an object, is there a document that
details how those affect the interface/spec resolution order?

I'm thinking of things like interface inheritance, class inheritance,
ZCML's 'implements' directive, 'zope.interface.implements(IFoo)' in a
Python class statement, and any interfaces said to be provided by a
particular instance - how much weight does each method provide?

I'll write up a discussion of this ans check it in.  Feel free to
nag me if I don't get this done in a couple of days. :)


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