Am Mittwoch, den 14.12.2005, 10:47 -0500 schrieb Jim Fulton:
> Yes.  The customers of ours most likely to care about this
> use Windows.  I would say in general, for better or worse, the decision
> makers who would care about CC would also care about Windows.  I suspect that
> the decision makers who care about linux would me likely to understand
> that the platform doesn't matter that much and that certification for Windows
> should make them feel warm and fuzzy about their Linux installations.

I see that point. As Adam pointed out, there was a certification of
websphere last year and the security target is publicly available. I'm
currently reading the MS Exchange evaluation and IBM WebSphere
evaluation and see that with a certain argumentation about our
virtualized platform (Python) we can make the operating system
irrelevant. Still, the TUV does have to approve that strategy. (They'll
be able to answer in January but that's not a problem right now, as this
week I'm still mostly gathering information and preparing the larger

Thank you very much for the input,

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