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Jim Fulton wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Tres Seaver wrote:
> ...
>>> Ob. note:  the performance characteristics of such servers (including
>>> twisted) are not well understood in the context of Zope, until some
>>> brave soul actually rolls out a high-volume production site and reports
>>> success or failure.
>> Good point!  It would be good to investigate this issue further.
> I did some investigation and found the thread-management strategy
> currently provided to be unsatisfactory.

Given the twisted team's general attitude toward threaded programming, I
don't find that terribly surprising.  Kind of like what you get when you
elect government officials whose sincere program and belief is that
government can't work. ;)

>  I've posted a note to
> the Twisted list.  I don't know if this can be fixed before the
> next Zope 3.2 beta this weekend.
> I think I'm going to look into adding an option to makezopeinstance
> to select which server is used.  I haven't decided yet which one will
> be the default.  I'm leaning toward making twisted the default to
> try to increase the amount of testing it gets, but recommend that
> people use ZServer for now in production sites.

- -0.  I would restate my belief that the twisted integration is
yet-to-be-proved in "production" use, and needs some care-and-feeding
from people whose pagers go off (or the equivalent) if it breaks.  I can
live with the default being twisted, but it is a bit like leaving
'debug-mode on' in the default config file for now.

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