Jeff Shell wrote:
On 12/15/05, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
One troublesome scenario I can imagine is that if I make my total
skin in Zope 3.n, it works, and then Zope 3.n + 1 is released and
it has a more specific view registered for some content object that
I'm using. I was relying on having skinned the more general
interface, but suddenly in Zope 3.n + 1 I get the Zope 3 view.
That'd be bad.

So, I'm not sure whether or not this ability is compromised in
practice with this bugfix...

If it is compromised, it may be bad design on your part? That's the decision that I came to.

If it's truly the case that this is due to bad design, then that's good to hear. You obviously have more experience with this problem than I do, I'm just leaping into this thread with vague concerns.

[snip details]

I'm still unsure about how I feel about this situation in my gut. The
Zope 3.1 way felt strangely intuitive, but I recognize why it was incorrect and why the 3.2 implementation does what it does.
For us at Bottlerocket, these core objects have bitten us in the past. So for me - and I'm not saying it applies for you or anyone
 else - this change to the 'correct' behavior for multi-adapter
lookup has highlighted some design flaws in our code and way of
thinking. If this issue didn't show itself now, a different issue may
have shown up in the future.

Okay, we'll see whether this turns up any flaws in the DocumentLibrary in this department; we haven't tried it with Zope 3.2 yet. It's good to hear your conclusion that this is essentially the right behavior, though the counterintuitiveness

Thanks for the debug module, I'll tuck it away somewhere! Might be useful to put this somewhere under or something, by the way.



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