[Tim Peters, on the testRunIgnoresParentSignals failure]
> ....
> That's definitely the problem here, and is easy to reproduce by
> inserting a short time.sleep() inside os.rmtree():

Should have said shutil.rmtree(); anyway:

> I'll try to fix it later today if I can make time, and nobody else
> does first ...

I did that yesterday, and ran the test hundreds of times after w/o
problems.  Yesterday and today, in spare moments I stitched rev 40792
of zdaemon into:

    Zope trunk
    Zope 2.9 branch
    Zope3 trunk
    Zope3 3.2 branch

I _ think_ that covers all the places that need it for now.  If anyone
knows of another place (I have lazier plans to update ZODB ;-)), be my
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