We have five of these over the last 90 minutes or so:

> The Buildbot has detected a failed build of Zope3 branches 3.2 2.4 Linux remy.

Jim is on the case, so they'll stop in our lifetime ;-)  The damnable
thing is that the log file says:

  Ran 8941 tests with 0 failures and 3 errors in 1129.962 seconds.

but there's no hint of an error before that line.  Turns out the
failures are in mkzopeinstance tests, which muck with sys.{stdout,
stderr} and thereby manage to hide any evidence that they bombed.  I
ran the tests "by hand" with -vv to discover this (in which case, if
there are errors or failures, the test runner prints the names of the
unhappy tests after the summary line above).  I hesitate to suggest
that the buildbot run with -vv too, but it sure would have saved Jim
and me time in this case.
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