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Jim Fulton wrote:

When we refactored the Zope 3 pubisher to work more closely with WSGI,
we decided to remove the response.write method.  We should have written
a proposal for this, but we failed to do so.  Over the last few weeks
there has been much discussion of this in which I asserted many times
that I didn't think any applications outside of Zope 3 itself used this
method.  No one has disagreed with me.  I want to double check this.
Does anyone have any Zope 3 applications that are using response.write?

Assuming that the answer is "no" (or that no one answers today), I'm
going to
more clearly document how to return long output and I'm going to add a
method that generates a hopefully helpful error.

Note that we may add this method (or something like it) back in the future
to support chunked streaming output,

IIRC, Christian Theune wrote that he had been using 'response.write';  I
think the note was in the "Twisted Publisher" thread about a week and a
half back.

Thanks, for the reminder, but this was internal Zope code that had
inadequate tests. It is also code that isn't being used in production
at this time because it is incomplete.  (This is sad, because I think
zsync has tremendous potential.  We should probably move it to a development
branch and remove it from the main tree until it's ready. Sigh.)
I think he stumbled accross this while addressing a collector issue.

I really want to know if any Zope 3 applications outside of Zope 3 itself
are using this API.


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