On 12/20/05, Garanin Michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello!
> Now i write both directive addform & addMenuItem for my content objects:
> 1) <addform name="AddPerson.html" ...>
> 2) <addMenuItem view="addPerson.html" title="Add Person">.

I think this list (zope3-dev) is not for Zope3 users/pogrammers,
Your questions can be posted to zope3-users list, To subscribe:

> Q: How i can write shortly
> <addform name="AddPerson.html" menu="menu_id?" title="Add Person" ... />
> ?
> I see menu.zcml and insert 'add_content'-id into addform => no result.
> Thanks!

I have asked a similar question recently, but using zope.formlib package.


I think you can move zope:addform and zope:addMenuItem to
browser:page and zope:addMenuItem

Baiju M
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