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I just noticed something that is not exactly right: zope.formlib, even though it's sitting in the 'zope' package, depends on zope.app. We need to work towards making it only depend on stuff in zope, likely by starting to move things that are reusable from zope.app into zope.

I've been advocating greater cooperation between Python web frameworks in the area of widgets and forms, and have been pointing out the widgets Zope 3 has to people. Within our Zope community I've been talking to Archetypes developers and they're going to make Archetypes suitable so it can use Zope 3 widgets. Now I'm starting to look beyond that.

I think we have a lot to gain if we can get a common pool of widgets shared beyond just Zope. I think the widget system in particular, and probably also zope.formlib, are amenable to independent reuse with some work, and I think we should look into doing this work in the Zope 3.2 release cycle.


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