Hi all:
I've been reading an article from Bruce Eckel named "The departure of
hyper-enthusiasts" (http://www.artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=141312),  
and in a paragraph, I read the next:
My own experience in web frameworks was with Zope. In an interesting
parallel with EJB3, Zope is now on version 3 which is a
from-the-ground-up redesign, and everything I've seen of it indicates
that, like EJB3, it represents a great deal of rethinking of the
problem. I've been bumping up against the problem of "but all I want to
do is connect a database to the web" in Zope2 for several years now. Oh,
it's definitely something you can do, but unfortunately it's past the
knee of the "Z-shaped learning curve," and is only trivial if you live
and breathe Zope every day. Don't get me wrong; Zope is an excellent
system and incredibly powerful, and Zope3 may be much easier, but I'm
out of steam. I have realized that on my site, I really just want to do
a collection of simple things, and I don't want to relearn Zope every
time I want to accomplish something. So -- sorry, Jim (Fulton, not Kirk)
-- I'm going to find something drop-dead simple to solve my drop-dead
simple problems. Probably PHP5, which actually includes most of Java and
C++ syntax, amazingly enough, and I wonder if that isn't what made IBM
adopt it.

IMHO, he's rigth, zope3 continues with a learning curve too high, and I
was thinking how to solve it, or how to show people to make things in a
simple way.. why not to create a list of recipes in the documentation
wiki with recipes like:

- The simplest way to create your dynamic site.
- Create a static site with zope 3 with users authentication in 5
steps :-)
- etc...

This way, new people in zope3 can introduce itself quickly in the zope3

Greetings and happy holidays

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