On Friday 23 December 2005 04:48, Antonio Beamud Montero wrote:
> IMHO, he's rigth, 

I think he is too, but his use case is narrow and about 180 degrees different. 
Zope 3 tries to solve large problems, not small ones. The problem is that 
noone has stepped up yet to make simple scripting easier.

> zope3 continues with a learning curve too high, and I 
> was thinking how to solve it, or how to show people to make things in a
> simple way.. why not to create a list of recipes in the documentation
> wiki with recipes like:
> - The simplest way to create your dynamic site.
> - Create a static site with zope 3 with users authentication in 5
> steps :-)
> - etc...
> This way, new people in zope3 can introduce itself quickly in the zope3
> world...

Sure, go ahead. Note that some other people have already started FAQs, others 
have written introductory articles, etc. You might want to join some of the 
others, instead of starting yet another project.

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