I've been working on trying to clean up the IResult/response.write mess.
I want to retract IResult from the public API.

Here's what I propose to do:

- Move IResult from zope.publisher.interfaces.http to
  zope.publisher.http, thus making it a private interface.

- I'm arranging that a published method can simply return a file,
  rather than a string. This will be how you can efficiently
  return large results.

- I will provide a documentation file that will be available in
  apidoc that describes this.

- Attempts to use response.write will point to that
  documentation.  I am still confident that this will
  not cause a backward compatibility problem.


- Previous versions of Zope 3 supported neither efficient handling
  of larger output nor streaming.

- Zope 3.2 will provide efficient handling of large results via
  both Twisted and zope.server.  It will not provide streaming.

We will revisit all of this in the next release cycle, although I am
confident that simply returning strings or files should be supported

If there are strong objections, let me know ASAP, but I think this is
the lowest risk option.


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