Chris McDonough wrote:
FWIW, It would be nice to have some API to return large amounts of content which doesn't live in ZODB without returning an *actual* file object. A real world use case: In a Zope2 application, I depend on being able to return a "streamiterator" which does decryption as it streams. I cannot write this data temporarily to disk for business reasons (it's encrypted for a reason),

Even on a unix-based platform on which the file is removed before data are
written to it?

> so I wrap a file pointer in
something that implements a stream iterator; it decrypts as it's  iterated.

I don't know if you have this in mind still.

No, I didn't.  We need to have something like this.  Let's figure out what
it is over the next release cycle.  In the mean time, an IResult-based
framework is still lurking in 3.2.  You can use it if you don't mind changing
later.  (Note that the adapter is now looked up for the original result, and the
request, rather than just the original result.)


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