On Dec 28, 2005, at 5:00 PM, Igor Stroh wrote:

Rocky Burt wrote:
Its my personal opinion that anytime a page template requires logic
complicated enough to warrant using a 'python:' expression, that logic
should be re-thought and placed into a view class.  ...

First, I have sympathy with those who want this to be a documentation change, possibly with a permanent default-but-configurable warning, rather than ripping out the feature. I think "python:" has been around too long to change without a full "reinvent TAL for 2.0 or switch to an competing templating technology" discussion. It's too much a part of standard in-the-trenches TALES usage.

I'd give it a +1 if TAL would support boolean operators :)

Second, I agree with Igor than booleans are the time when I still pull out the "python:" bit of the TALES toolbox. If we remove or deprecate "python:", I'd like to have a replacement.

The other replacements people have mentioned for the "python:" feature are list item access and calling with arguments. I don't care as much about the list item access, but wouldn't object to it. I'm opposed to a new TAL syntax that allows calling with arguments: that's the core of the "python:" feature, and what many are opposed to.

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