Alexander Limi wrote at 2005-12-30 11:22 +0100:
> ...
>One of the ugliest and most error-prone parts of TAL is its handling of  
>multiple attributes:
><a tal:attributes="href some/url;
>                    title some/title;" />

Why is this more ugly or error prone as your proposal?

> ...
>This provides the following benefits:
>- Easier to parse for XML tools (no semicolons with any meaning)

For the XML tools, the semicolons are just part of an attribute value.
They do not have any problems with them...

>- More consistent syntax, no need to learn a special way to separate  
>several attributes/defines

Learning that ";" separates assignments and that ";;" escapes
seems not to be a big burden.

>- It looks nice! :)

For me, it does not look nicer than what you want to replace.

>What do y'all think?


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