ZeOmega is looking for Zope developers.  CMF/Plone experience would be nice.
We use Zope in our products for the health care management industry. The domain is medical informatics and we are doing some exciting work in the area of disease , chronic care management for public and commercial health populations and also injury management in workers compensation .
We offer a good salary package that includes health benefits.
The positions are in Dallas ,Texas. We will also consider telecommuting options for the right candidates.
Please forward your resume to  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You can find out all about us at www.zeomega.com

Best Regards

Open Minds' Open Solutions
#2591 Dallas Parkway
Suite 408
Frisco TX, 75034
214-618-9880 (O)
214-975-1258 (F)
214-733-3467 (M)

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