Brian Sutherland wrote:

>>What are you trying to accomplish with this test?
> This is the result of building and testing the tarball/multiple
> tarballs. I started this because zope3 was breaking my schooltool
> nightly tarball build too often.
> Practically all of my commits over the last months have been fixing
> tarball setup breakage caught by this test.



Yes, building and testing tarballs.

What does this mean?  What tar balls? Do you mean releases?

Another interesting idea is testing old bodies of code against newer
Zope 3 versions. For backwards compatibility. For example, schoolbell,
released with Zope 3.1 fails its tests with Zope3.2.

I think this is a great idea.  We do this internally.  Of course,
it doesn't make sense to send schoolbell test failures to the Zope 3 list.
It does often make sense to raise breakage issues in the collector,
or on the list.


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