Hello Stephan,

I'm a little bit stuck. I started to expand the test_registrations.py.
Now I don't really get how to check the following registrations:
IChoice         D       ChoiceDisplayWidget
                I       ChoiceInputWidget
I'm not able to create a choice field without a value or vocabulary.

ICollection     D       CollectionDisplayWidget
                I       CollectionInputWidget
ISequence       D       CollectionDisplayWidget
                I       CollectionInputWidget
I don't really see what's the point behind these.
ITuple  D       ChoiceCollectionDisplayWidget
        I       ChoiceCollectionInputWidget
IList   D       ChoiceCollectionDisplayWidget
        I       ChoiceCollectionInputWidget
ISet    D       ChoiceCollectionDisplayWidget
        I       ChoiceCollectionInputWidget
Same goes for these as for IChoice as the first for interface, as soon
as there is a choice as second interface there will be a vocabulary in
the business.

The current changes you can check in the diff's.

Anyway I prepared an HTML version of the CSV.
The plain text would be over 100 cols wide, what do you think is it
still reasonable?

Friday, January 6, 2006, 2:44:06 PM, you wrote:

> On Thursday 05 January 2006 05:45, Adam Groszer wrote:
>> I can provide diff's.

> That would be great!

> BTW, the little overview in the CSV file is great. Maybe you can repost it as
> plain text in another E-mail?

> Regards,
> Stephan

Best regards,
 Adam                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Title: Z3 widgets
A* B* none IField IChoice IBaseVocabulary IVocabularyTokenized ISource IIterableSource
IField D DisplayWidget            
IBool D BooleanDisplayWidget            
I CheckBoxWidget            
IBytes D BytesDisplayWidget            
I FileWidget            
IBytesLine D DisplayWidget            
I BytesWidget            
IASCII D ASCIIDisplayWidget            
I ASCIIAreaWidget            
IASCIILine D DisplayWidget            
I ASCIIWidget            
IURI D URIDisplayWidget            
IDate D DateDisplayWidget            
I DateWidget            
IDatetime D DatetimeDisplayWidget            
I DatetimeWidget            
ITextLine D              
I TextWidget            
IText D              
I TextAreaWidget            
ISourceText D              
I TextAreaWidget            
IInt D UnicodeDisplayWidget            
I IntWidget            
IFloat D UnicodeDisplayWidget            
I FloatWidget            
IPassword D              
I PasswordWidget            
IChoice D ChoiceDisplayWidget     ItemDisplayWidget   SourceDisplayWidget  
I ChoiceInputWidget       DropdownWidget SourceInputWidget SourceDropdownWidget
ICollection D CollectionDisplayWidget            
I CollectionInputWidget            
ISequence D CollectionDisplayWidget SequenceDisplayWidget       SourceSequenceDisplayWidget  
I CollectionInputWidget            
ITuple D     ChoiceCollectionDisplayWidget        
I   TupleSequenceWidget ChoiceCollectionInputWidget        
IList D     ChoiceCollectionDisplayWidget ListDisplayWidget      
I   ListSequenceWidget ChoiceCollectionInputWidget   OrderedMultiSelectWidget SourceListInputWidget  
ISet D     ChoiceCollectionDisplayWidget SetDisplayWidget      
I     ChoiceCollectionInputWidget   MultiSelectSetWidget    

A=for_ first interface,
B=I for IInputWidget; D for IDisplayWidget,
C=the for_ second interface

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