Martijn Faassen wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

I'm guessing that this is an issue because you install
Zope's into site-packages and you don't want a Zope installed
package to clobber a package that is separately packaged. Is that right?

The normal way to install Zope is in it's own directory.  In this case,
a package supplied with Zope only affects Zope.  In which case, I don't
see the need to rip it out.

While it's true that this is normal for you and me, I think the cause of "zope is just a library" is much helped if we *also* consider it normal for Zope to be installed into site-packages.

I'm not convinced that Zope is "just a library".  Certainly,
the zope package is just a library, but I don't think that
the app server is.

So, I just want to point out that your statement of what is normal doesn't imply that we consider installation with `configure` without '--prefix' as *abnormal* and that this is something we should support.

Jim tries to figure out this triple negative ... :)

On Linux, configure with without --prefix does *not* install Zope into
site-packages.  It creates a top-level directory for Zope in /usr/local.

Furthermore, we do install Zope into site-packages on Windows and this
(convenient for us) decision hasn't exactly been popular.

So, I reiterate that we should distinguish between releases of Zope
packages and releases of the application server.  I'm pretty convinced
that the app server is *not* a library and shouldn't be treated as such.


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