On 11.01.2006, at 15:42, Bernd Dorn wrote:

On 11.01.2006, at 14:27, Jim Washington wrote:

Bernd Dorn wrote:

hi all

i have two init scripts (see below) which start a zope3 instance
this works fine if i start one of them, but if i try to start the second, the following message appears

* Starting Zope in /home/zope1/timetables ...
WARNING! zdrun is managing a different program!
our program   = ['/home/zope1/timetables/bin/runzope']
daemon's args = ['/home/zope1/screens/bin/runzope']
daemon process already running; pid=10839

seems that the pid of the other instance is taken, does anybody know how to solve this
or is there another way to start zope3 as an unprivileged user?
as far as i know there is no effective-user directive in zope.conf as in zope2

Does this script put a zdsock file in /etc/init.d? I have noticed that the zdsock file is created in the directory where zopectl is called. If this is what you are seeing, one solution might be to do some cd statements (e.g., cd $INSTANCE_HOME) so that multiple zdsock files are created, one for each instance.

thx, you brought me on the right track!

it is actually a problem with the default zdaemon.conf in zopeskel, where socket-name is just set to zdsock

this will be placed in the working directory, which in my case was the home directory of the user because of the "-" switch to su

so i added the following line to zdaemon.conf:

socket-name $DATADIR/zopectlsock, which this is the behavior of zope 2 skel

i would say this is a bug, because instances created with mkzopeinstance can not be run in parallel additionally with socket-name set to zdsock one is unable to run zopectl as root, because then the socket gets created in the home of root where the user the daemon is running on has no access. this leads to an access denied error.

the init script is now the same as with zope2, i can just call zopectl directly without suing to the zope user

i will fix this in the trunk

done see: http://svn.zope.org/Zope3/trunk/zopeskel/etc/ zdaemon.conf.in?rev=41267&view=rev

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