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Gary Poster wrote:
Primary problem:
We frequently want to know the full closure of group membership.
+1, a long time ago I suggested something similar because in the CPS framework of groups we need knowledge both of direct membership and transitive closure (we have a getGroups method that's the direct groups, and a getComputedGroups that's the transitive closure and is used for instance when we have groups of groups).

I'm still not using the zope 3 principal framework but at some point I know I'll need it in zope 3 too :)

:-) cool.

Do you think your interfaces fit the need of "computed" groups? I'm not sure if the meaning of "computed" is clear but I can expand on that if it's not (for instance, it could be for the case where groups exist dynamically according to some computation on the prinicpal's properties).

I know what you mean--we've done that in Zope 2 also.

I think my change fits the need of computed groups fine: computed groups would be a part of the direct iterable of `groups` for a principal, from which the full closure (`allGroups`) would continue to be calculated.

The current IPrincipal interface has a bit of a problem for computed groups but is pretty close, I'd say. Right now, the core principal interface in zope.security says that `groups` is a list. A list that has an unremovable member--a calculated group--is a bit hacky to model, so you might want to have a different API for mutating the groups--or maybe it's *all* calculated and imutable. If this core interface were restricted to say that `groups` is a readonly iterable (which would be sufficient for the security policies I know, AFAIK), and then another interface extended it to match the current interface (a list), then the core interface would allow other principal implementations to determine the `groups` value in other ways.

That change sounds good to me, but also sounds like a separate mini- proposal. :-)

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