I found an issue with zope.app.undo's ZODBUndoManager wherein it only
could undo principal transactions if the principal in the request came
from the global principal registry. I tried patching our copy by
changing it to look up the principal of a transaction record from
zapi.principals() (gets the nearest IAuthentication utility).

When it tries to do the undo, it compares request.principal against
transaction['principal'] with identity comparison (' is '). That
doesn't work for pluggable auth principal folder based principals,
even if by my own assumptions and simple application setup they are
the same.

With all of the other principal / group mini-proposals going on, does
there need to be a way to strongly (if that's the right word) compare
a principal looked up from an id that came out of... well, somewhere
(a transaction log record, a string stored in the 'creators' dublin
core sequence, etc), or even against each other?

>>> b3_1 = zapi.principals().getPrincipal('brcms.user.3')
>>> b3_2 = zapi.principals().getPrincipal('brcms.user.3')
>>> b3_1 is b3_2
>>> b3_1 == b3_2

Comparing the id attribute works. Is it reasonable to assume that
zapi.principals().getPrincipal(request.principal.id) should return the
same principal as request.principal? And thus if
somerecord['creator_id'] == request.principal.id, that's considered a
good match?

Jeff Shell
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