Thanks for posting this, it saved me quite a few hours.

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 04:23:36PM -0500, Jim Washington wrote:
> def isConnected(self):
>         try:
>             self._v_connection.ping()
>         except:
>             # not connected or ping did not restore MySQL connection
>             if self._v_connection is not None:
>                 self._v_connection.close()
>                 self._v_connection = None
>             return False
>         return True

I have two comments that I noticed:

* If the connection was closed directly, by something else, you can fail
  when you try to close the connection:

    File "/home/jinty/src/Z3/z3/src/mysqldbda/adapter.py", line 87, in 
    ProgrammingError: closing a closed connection

  Which means that _v_connection will not be set to None and it will
  carry on failing.

* Also, if, in this transaction, some SQL has been sent through the
  connection, the connection will have registered itself with the
  transaction manager. This made both aborting and commiting the
  transaction fail for me.

Brian Sutherland

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