Hi Gary

All arguments are Ok for me. But I think the PAU at all is to complex
and this whoul not change.

Do we really need such a complex authentication module in z3?

What does this mean to the queriable sources and their API?

A long time ago I was improving the grant form in z3 and implemented
a grant vocabulary based on queriable sources. All I can say 
about that part is, it's too complex and hard to develope with.

> Risks:
> Some additional complexity, perhaps.

I'm sure we will get additional complexity.

But I can live with that. The only question is, should the PAU 
be a component where other people can use as a base and develope 
additional concepts like different UI or is, the PAU is only a 
core component where only should be used for register custom 
developed plugins.

I guess the real problem is, that the PAU supports only 
modularity for register own plugins all other parts are 
implemented as none replacable component and you need some
functionality whcih is not implemented right now.

I'm a little afraid that this is not the only refactoring
in the next future if we not support more modularity in PAU.

Roger Ineichen

> Thoughts appreciated.
> Gary
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