I noticed that modules that begin with an underscore aren't shown in
apidoc in Zope 3.2. I think (but am unsure) that Zope 3.1 showed
these. I'm sure there may have been a good reason for doing this, but
it makes navigating the zope.schema package for documentation even
more difficult.

In particular, there are the convenience functions in the _schema.py
module that are useful for schema querying. getFieldNames, getFields,
etc... I can never quite remember what's in there and which ones
return sequences of tuples and which return mappings or lists or

There's also no easily visible list of all of the fields available
from zope.schema.*. The interfaces are there, but people interact with
the classes in this package more than their interfaces. Since all of
the fields are defined in _bootstrapfields and _fields, they're no
longer visible. They can be found from the interface down in the
factories/classes section, maybe that's good enough?

Jeff Shell
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