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In the future, if someone introduces a major change, they *must* be
committed to be available to deal with issues that arise during the
release cycle.  Perhaps we need to pick different release dates to
avoid holidays.  Stephan has suggested moving the dates up to
November/May rather than December/June.

+1 for moving the dates. Speaking for the Zope 2 release:

- the zpkg chances were introduced very late and it was somewhat annoying
  to deal with this almost untested changes during the betas (not blaming
  Philipp here,  he has done a tremendous lot of work)

In addition such major changes should happen on a branch and not on the trunk and such changes should be started early before the next release (not week or two before the first beta).

And then there are the Windows releases.  Making Zope 2 windows releases
is very painful and there don't seem to be many people willing to help.
We've avoided the pain for Zope 3 by being less ambitious.  We let
do most of the work.  The result is that making a windows release takes
and is highly automated, but the experience for the end user is less than
ideal,  Many would rightfully argue that it is inadequate.  What we need
is a release process that is as easy as the Zope 3 windows release process
and produces a result as usable as the Zope 2 windows release.  I'm not
exactly what the answer is, but I am sure we need to take a fresh
Whatever approach we take needs to be highly automated and must not
a lot of specialized Windows expertise.

The basic problem with the windows release is that there is currently
nobody in charge for the windows release (although Tim is again doing working on the Windows side, ALL HAIL TIM).

Note that I'm banking heavily on eggs without personally having worked
them much.  I'm very hopeful that we can make them work for us.

In the end, I consider the "December" release to be largely successful,
the challenges.

It was basically a birth with some pain :-)

These were some of my reactions to this first attempt at time-based
What do other folks think?

I think 2.9.0 is the _real_ 2.9 beta which will be widely used by ppl :-)


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