On Wednesday 18 January 2006 19:09, Jim Fulton wrote:
> > You know my position concerning the repository and the release; I'd
> > prefer them to be kept as similar as possible to simplify the release
> > process. I hope we can go in that direction. It also makes things more
> > predictable to developers. We noticed that some Zope 3 packages weren't
> > packaged into Zope 2 after the release, even though in a developer's
> > sandbox of Zope 2 they were there.
> Right. If eggs work out, then a respository check out will be a lot
> smaller, but will download needed eggs.  This would be a replacement of the
> use of externals we have now.

Oh, this will make development so much more tedious. Let's say 
zope.testbrowser is an egg and I discover a bug in zope.textbrowser while 
doing some other Zope 3 development, I have to check out zope.testbrowser, 
fix the bug, check it in, download the new egg and hope it fixed my Zope 3 
problem. Honestly this is far too much and I will at most make a bug report.

I have seen you take a similar approach to zope.testing and I found that 
painful just by watching the checkins. I feel like an old record, but please 
let's keep the development process as simple as possible. I rather make some 
concessions to the packaging and dependency system than spending more time 

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