Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:

Yes, but Zope 2 included *less* than Zope 3 in the most recent release, and I'd like *all* packages that are in a Zope 3 release to be available in a Zope 2 release. I.e. Five doesn't want packages that aren't in a Zope 3 release, but not less either.

I'm surprised that it included less.

It was a bug, and I think some of it already got resolved (Philipp would know more), but it wasn't noticed until fairly late, as during development such dependencies are development.

I think a more powerful
packaging architecture will make it easeir to include what we want.
Deciding what we want is another issue.

Agreed. I just wanted to make clear what I want early on. :)


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