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This is what Zope 3 prints on startup:

  2006-01-19 00:47:32,059 zope.server.http (HTTP) started.
          Hostname: pitonas
          Port: 8080

This is what Roundup prints on startup:

  Server running - connect to:

Another related fix that probably applies to both Zope 2 and Zope 3 (although I'm not sure about the latter) - this gets printed at the *beginning* of the output from the process, which means that it quickly scrolls out of view if there are any messages from the server process at all (which there always are, at least on Zope 2).

Instead of printing:

"2006-01-17 14:59:09 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests"

at the end, could we have something like:

"2006-01-17 14:59:09 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests on the following ports:"

and then a list of the ports it is running on? One of the classic newbie gotchas (especially on Linux or other platforms not using the Plone installer) is "Oh, it's running - but where? How do I connect to it?".

Zope tells you where to connect, but way too early in the output.


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