Jim Fulton wrote:

I think we should investigate eggs.  Do I know they will work? No.  I
haven't done much with them yet. Do you know they won't? Obviously not.
I suggest we reserve jusdgement until we have had an opportunity for
some prototyping.  Based on what I've seen so far, I'm very hopeful.
And then there's the fact that they come from a much wider community
than just Zope.

I have to admit to being very interested in eggs myself. I like the idea of zope being a collection of independent packages with their own release schedules - breaking down the "monolithic release" problem.

I think Zope 3 has done extremely well with all this so far. Personally, I've used Zope 3s' ZPT and testbrowser packages in contexts that have nothing to do with Zope 3 (or even Zope sometimes) and liked the feel of it.

I wasn't away the same was true for zope.testing but I'm very glad to hear it.

On a side note, I see python now includes doctest.py, why are we still maintaining our own copy in zope.testing?



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