Use case

I would like to be able to construct smart forms with AJAX, that asynchronously 
a progress bar about uploaded datas. This is a quite interesting feature for 
forms that have files.
(the 'hey i am not dead' effect)

This feature has nothing to do with Z3 core of course, but there's a small 
problem to implement it.


Javascript side is quite simple to realize to create those kind of forms, but 
it needs
to be able to monitor the state of a given request in another thread.

The server should be able to tell the amount of data it has already received 
for a given
request, etc..


Add somewhere a table that keeps infos about all live requests, like:

- the current state: receiving | processing
- additional infos:
    receiving -> amount to receive / amount received
    processing -> what's beeing done (_last_obj_traversed, etc..)

and a few apis to get these infos

this could be hooked in the publisher's request classes in `processInputs()`, 
where we get the stream from twisted IIRC


Could slow down the publisher 


They are other use cases for such monitoring apis, when asychronous calls are 
involved (like zasync) 
Also I wouldn't mind having a 'cancel' button on my form, but this is another 
chapter :)

Any thoughts on this ?


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