Jim Fulton wrote:
Maybe.  My thought that this might be handled by
cheating in the sax events. (Or maybe we shouldn't
exactly do sax events.)  In the event that says "here's
a tag named 'foo'", we'd provide a list for the value of
x.  Or we could do separate events for each option.
I think we definately need separate events for top-level

Hmm, not got the foo to understand that, but how does ZCML's engine currently deal with multi-valued attributes?

There are also ways to arrange configuration like this:


Really?  Is this documented anywhere?  Is it used anywhere?

It might well be... please remember there are projects other than Zope that use ZConfig. The "well, we're just going to dump ZConfig's engine and replace it, but only for Zope" makes me nervous, especially when it might turn into "oh, and we don't want to support some constructs, so lets just dump them too" :-S

Another issue is that it seems that it is possible for a ZConfig
configuration file to include configurations for multiple aplications.

Not sure what you mean here...



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