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> Gary Poster wrote:
> >
> > FWIW, me too.  I'm no XML guru (as Fred will attest ;-) ) but reading
> > the namespaces on an XML file seems like basic XML procedure.
> Well, the reading of them is the lesser of my two complaints...
> I find it irksome to have to type them at the top of ever file. Is there
> no way that they could be pre-bound in the XML parser? That way you'd
> only need to inlcude them if you wanted to rebind them...

It's like those damned imports in Python. Why can't everything just be
available in one big honkin' namespace automatically?


Seriously - it's not that bad. ZCML's use of namespaces is judicious,
I believe. There's no namespaced attributes - just the directives. I
too use browser: as the default namespace in my browser focused ZCML

There's only one or two things to type, ever. The namespaces are easy
to remember. I can't believe it's a big deal at all. It's certainly a
case of 'explicit is better than implicit', I believe. Like with
Python code and modules and avoidance of import *, it makes all names
easily traceable.

Are you using an editor that makes it difficult to go to the top of
the file to check on the names?
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