Christian Lück wrote:
From a lerners point of view (for example me) the thematic organization
is a pro too: The z3 beginner will probably need the 'zope' and
'browser' namespaces at first. Browsing apidoc zcml namespaces lets your
knowledge grow fast, because you get structured information.

How do you reconcile this opinion with the opinion posted by Kevin?

[Kevin Smith]
I think people are afraid to give ZCML anymore traction than it
already has. I for one find it intimidating and confusing. Not so much
because of its format, or api documentation, but because it is unclear
what and how all the names and attributes interrelate. It's taken me two
books, a bunch of samples, and alot of trial and error to get me to a
very basic level. It seems easy now that I know what I know, but I
thought Zope3 was going to have a flatter learning curve. I blame ZCML
and whatever it might be hiding. :)

It sounds to me like the structure made ZCML difficult to learn.

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