I have been watching with some interest the thread about zcml simplification (ZCML bad et.al.), and of course I looked at Philipp's list of things that could be dead chickens in ZCML. I agree with most, and even with the <xmlrpc:view> directive. My question starts with the fact that for the jsonserver package, I copied the <xmlrpc:view> pattern for JSON-RPC. Should xmlrpc views be browser:views, and more specifically for me, should jsonrpc views be browser:views? Do we really need other types of views than browser:views?

It seems that the different uses are entirely up to the developer, and not specifically controlled by Zope3, anyway. I have discovered, for example, that a browser:view can be accessed through jsonrpc just fine; it just gets wrapped in JSON-RPC syntax, which is actually pretty nice if you want to have multi-use of a page snippet for page composition then later for AJAXish insertion by the client.

Anyway, I am considering removing the jsonrpc:view directive from my third-party project (to be replaced by the already available browser:view), and am wondering if there is a risk I have not considered. The main risk I see is angry customers, but I think I can calm them by explaining the added simplicity it brings.

-Jim Washington

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