Hi all,

*local* utilities (configured in zcml, right?) are accessible in a
(debug-point in my Subscriber  ->)
(Pdb) from zope.app.error.interfaces import IErrorReportingUtility
(Pdb) myu1=zapi.getUtility(IErrorReportingUtility)
(Pdb) p myu1.getProperties()
{'ignored_exceptions': ('Unauthorized',), 'keep_entries': 20, 'copy_to_zlog': 0}
In this case data is not persistent.

_my_ utility was born in IProcessStartingEvent 
(_after_ commit in IDatabaseOpenedEvent) by ensureUtility(...)

In this subscriber i don't see any utility which is not local.

(On IRC-Channel it was asked for permissions to get utility, where
i have to start debugging?)

Is there any chance to get an utility not defined in ZCML in this way
(at start of Zope)? Or to easy store attribute-data in a local utility?

I have to count all starts of the Zope-Instance (and have to do
"something more").

Bye, Markus
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