somehow there is a mixup between using __traceback_supplement__ and

In Zope 2, I'm used to use __traceback_info__. In Zope 3 it seems like
the exception formatters use __traceback_supplement__. However, quite
some code in Zope 3.2 uses __traceback_info__ still, and only a few
places (security checkers) use __traceback_supplement__.

This situation should be changed. Some options:

a) Only support __traceback_supplement__, drop __traceback_info__.
Update the corresponding Zope 3 code accordingly.

b) Move back to __traceback_info__ because it's the same way as in Zope
2. (Does this have compatibility implications for Five?) Update the code
in Zope 3 accordingly.

c) Support both schemes, just update the exception formatter.

I can do it anyway, but I'd like to know what is prerred.


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