Christian Theune wrote:

somehow there is a mixup between using __traceback_supplement__ and

In Zope 2, I'm used to use __traceback_info__. In Zope 3 it seems like
the exception formatters use __traceback_supplement__. However, quite
some code in Zope 3.2 uses __traceback_info__ still, and only a few
places (security checkers) use __traceback_supplement__.

Actually, Zope 2 has both forms as well. We use it primarily to tell ZPT authors which page template broke and where.

__traceback_info__ is for arbitrary information. repr(__traceback_info__) gets dumped to the traceback.

__traceback_supplement__ is more structured. It should be a tuple. The first item of the tuple is a callable that produces an object that implements ITracebackSupplement, and the rest of the tuple contains arguments to pass to the factory. The traceback formatter makes an effort to clearly present the information provided by the ITracebackSupplement.

I just added this explanation to zope.exceptions.interfaces. Other than the excessive length of the name __traceback_supplement__, I like the way the system works.

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