Hi All,

  I have just fixed issue #533 and it just reminded me that I have some test 
for the twisted ftp server written using the Twisted trial testing framework.

  The reason for this is that at the Neckar sprint I tried to write tests 
for the zope.app.twisted.ftp.ftp.ZopeFTPShell. This object can be thought of 
has middle ware between Twisted and Zope, in fact it lives more up in the 
Twisted server then in Zope. Has most of the methods in this class return 
Twisted deferred objects it was next to impossible to test these methods 
using the standard zope testing framework. All these tests are pretty much 
self contained i.e. even by removing zope.app.ftp the tests still pass and 
there are only 26 of them.

  I am thinking that it would be a good idea to include these tests as part of 
the buildbot process, just after all the standard zope tests have run. It 
means that if some one apart from myself has to make any changes to the 
zope.app.twisted.ftp module, they will learn pretty quickly if something has 
broken, or if the Twisted external is updated.

  I have no idea on how / who to ask for this. But to run the tests we just 
have to run in the same place has the standard zope tests:

    ./trial.py zope.app.twisted.ftp.test

  There is a --reporter argument to this trial program that can take one of 
the following values bwverbose, text, verbose, or summary to control the 
amount of output.

  I hope this isn't to difficult to add in.

Michael Kerrin

55 Fitzwilliam Sq.,
Dublin 2.

Tel: 087 688 3894
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