Jim Fulton wrote:
The number of times the traceback screen dumped by an end user and mailed to me in a word doc has significantly aided fixing a hard to reproduce error is not insignificant...

I would never want an end user to see a traceback.  And I don't
have a customer who would.

So we have different customers, I'm glad this is pluggable ;-)

Tracebacks can be logged.  You could
set up a logger that emailed all error log events to you, so
you could see the error without your user seeing it.

I did write MailingLogger, remember ;-)
(which I want to re-write as a python module at some stage...)

Personally, I like to have the screenshot so I can easily tie up the error with the log entry...

...mindyou, I still wish Zope 3 had an easier concept of a customsiable standard_error_message, but maybe I'm missing something :-S

Yes you are.  In Zope 3, you can define an error view per error
type, including a default view for Exception. This is wildly more
flexible and easier to manage than in Zope 2.

Cool :-)

How would I register one view for exceptions X,Y,Z and then another for all other exceptions?



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