I would like to request a small enhancement to the installation scripts for Zope 3. I believe it is easy to do, but not being familiar with the packaging machinery, I could not figure out how to do it quickly.

Like many Zope3 developers, I download a new Zope3 tarball and do the standard dance:

make check
make install

However, we have the convention that *all* third party tools and libraries (of which Zope is one) should be stored in a thirdparty repository under version control. This ensures repeatability of builds in our environment.

The problem is that placing Zope-3.2.0 under version control creates ".svn" subdirectories all over the place (or "CVS" subdirectories in the case of CVS). The installation script which is invoked when you type "make install" apparently does a recursive copy for directories such as "bin", "zopeskel", etc. and you end up copying the .svn subdirectories over.

Is there a way to provide an ignore pattern for the installation scripts?

If someone can point me in the right direction to get started, I can provide a patch.

Thanks in advance,

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