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Okay, I am giving in on this. There is a three step process that will have to be fullfilled to assign a codename to the Zope 3.3 release.

I'd say assigning a name is a responsibility of the release manager.

As I understand it the "codename idea" wasn't to have a codename per release (like Ubuntu), but a name in addition to "Zope 3" to help differentiate it from Zope 2. I'm +0 on the latter and -1 on the former.

That was what I was thinking. It should be a tool to differentiate the Zope 3 codebase from the Zope 2 codebase.

I think it is very difficult to get the point across that Zope 3 is significantly different than Zope 2 when the only difference is a major version number.

It is pretty simple to argue if you know a little about Windows. Some might think that the different windows names are a stupid idea. A marketing trick. But I for one remember exactly what differentiates these versions of Windows.

Windows 1.0 through Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

I don't believe that anybody could remember the difference between these versions if it had merely been version numbers.


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